Ottawa, Canada, September 7, 2017 – In celebration of International Literacy Day, CODE is delighted to announce its Burt Award for African Young Adult Literature shortlist. This first regional competition is dubbed the All-Stars edition because all of the first prize winners of CODE’s Burt Award in Ethiopia,
Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania since 2009 are being considered for this grand prize.

The All-Stars shortlist is comprised of:

  • Face Under the Sea by William E. Mkufya published by Mangrove Publishers (Tanzania)
  • Aiming for the Summit (sequel to Living in the Shade) by Nahida Esmail published by Mkuki na Nyota (Tanzania)
  • The Step-Monster by Ruby Yayra Goka published by Digibooks Ghana Ltd. (Ghana)
  • The Twelfth Heart by Elizabeth-Irene Baitie published by Kwadwoan Publishing (Ghana)
  • Waiting for the Sun by Elshadai Tesfaye published by CODE-Ethiopia (Ethiopia)

Click [HERE] to download.