Manuscripts will be accepted through publishers only: who are allowed to submit not more than two manuscripts.The manuscripts are expected to be prepared by authors in collaboration with publishers. This is to ensure that the submitted manuscripts are edited to some extent by the publishers before they are read by the jury.

Manuscripts will be reviewed by a panel of judges based on the following criteria:

The Award is restricted to authors who are citizens of and resident in Ghana.

  1. Manuscripts shall be written in English.
  2. Manuscripts should be thought-provoking and original.
  3. Manuscripts should show creativity, readability, and suitability to adolescents (12-15 years old).
  4. Manuscripts should portray strong and admirable principal characters.
  5. Manuscripts should use humour and or suspense to entertain and captivate the reader.
  6. Manuscripts should be lively and allow for dramatisation.
  7. Manuscripts should reflect modern realities and indicate some of the social problems which are facing adolescents in Ghana.
  8. Manuscripts are encouraged to be written with potential to evolve into a book series or sequel.