The GBT has in partnership with CODE, DANIDA , Sabre Foundation; and Book Aid International, Books  for Africa,  worked in support of various educational initiatives throughout Ghana in the area of rural library development and supply of books to schools and community libraries.

But our present partners remain:

  • CODE, a Canadian, NGO
  • Books For Africa
  • International Book Bank
  • Hungry Bookworm

Through our partnership, two significant benefits come to the fore.

a) Provision of books – to libraries and students.  Individual, students, teachers and professors now see the GBT as a major source of affordable books for their studies.  This is evidenced by the many enquiries, visits and high patronage of the book program.  The GBT is mentioned as a major book supplier in some texts books and directories.

b) The Universities, Polytechnics, Teacher & Nursing Training Colleges, Primary and Secondary school and some research Institutions receive books from us.  It is significant to note that some of the books are listed in the book requirements of freshmen in some of the Universities and Colleges.

c) Recognition by the Public: The services of the GBT have been recognized by the Ghana Parliament.  GBT also received the Ghana Book Award in 1999 for being the best in library development. Visits are made by members of Parliament, Ministers, Professors and high-ranking government officials.




321, Chapel Street, Ottawa
ON K1N7Z2, Canada
Fax: 613-232-7435

2.  Books for Africa

253 East 4th, Street
Suite 200, St. Paul
MN  55101 USA
Fax: 651-602-9848

3.  Hungry Book Worm

13003 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 9006
Tel: (301) 323-7500, Ext 205